Gulliver's Travels

Give the character sketch of Glumdalclitch?

Chapter 9, part 2.A Voyage to Brobdingnag.

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Her name means "little nurse" in Brobdingnagian. This is what Gulliver calls the farmer's daughter, who cares for him during his stay in Brobdingnag. She takes care of Gulliver like he is a baby. She feeds him, washes him, teaches him the language...

Glumdalclitch was the giant nine years old daughter of the giant farmer at whose house he had landed by chance. She was a very talented and caring girl. If Gulliver could survive safely in the country of giants, it was because of her care. She looked after Gulliver's needs very carefully. She made him some clothes and taught him Brobdingnagian language. He called her Glumdalclitch, which meant his little nurse.Gulliver travelled under her care. She was quite concerned about him when her father's greed to earn money by conducting Gulliver's performances were having an adverse effect upon his health.
When Queen of Brobdingnag decided to buy him, he agreed to go to the Queen's palace on the condition of taking Glumdalclitch along. She took Gulliver's extra care after his life was in danger due to his small size. When a giant monkey abducted Gulliver, mistaking him for baby monkey, he got injured. Glumdalclitch nursed him back to health. On being separated from Glumdalclitch accidentally, Gulliver felt sorry for her thinking the pain she must have felt on account of his loss and the scolding from the Queen.

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