Gulliver's Travels

discss the irony in the articles of impeachment against gulliver

chapter 7

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There are 4 articles in Gulliver's impeachment, each ironic in their own way.

Article 1 - Can't pee in the Royal palace. If Gulliver had not peed the palace would have burned.

Article 2- Gulliver refused to destroy the remaining of Blefuscu's boats and execute all Liliputian exiles and those who refused to convert to Little-Endianism.The irony here is that the Emperor is killing his own people. Also Gulliver had already destroyed a good part of Blefuscu.

Article 3- Gulliver was diplomatic to the ambassadors from Blefuscu. The point of visiting ambassadors is to be diplomatic,especially in a war.

Article 4- The Emperor gave verbal approval for Gulliver to visit Blefuscu. He was mad that Gulliver didn't wait for written permission. Yes, talk about control issues! One would think the Emperors word would have been enough.

In book 1 of Gulliver's Travels, there are 4 "Articles of impeachment against Gulliver..


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