Gulliver's Travels

compare and contrast the character of people of lilliput, blefuscu and brobdingnag.

part of the gulliver's travels.

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The Lilliputians are no more than six inches tall, their government officials are chosen by their ability to rope dance rather than their and experience. As a people, they are known to be master mechanics and inventors of weaponry.

In comparison, the Brobdingnagians are giants, standing around 60 feet tall. They are also a peaceful people. The King is actually appalled that Gulliver suggests weaponry (a recipe for gunpowder) and tells him never to mention it again. Their army is kept most specifically for infighting (civil war). It is meant to keep the peace rather than engage in warfare.

The people of Blefuscu boast a well prepared navy.


Gulliver's Travels