Gulliver's Travels

Compare and contrast between Lilliput and Brobdingnag

I want to write a compare-contrast essay about these 2 voyages. (Lilliput and Brobdingnag)

The teacher asked to write an essay not less than 3 pages.

I want you guys to give me like points that i can write about or i can mention in my esaay, like only points so i search about them and do my essay. like :


-Both voyages and their behavior with Gulliver

-their problems

-their intrests

-their way in ruling...etc

what else shall i write about??

*and thank you in advance.*

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Great! you really inspored me and im finally ready to start writing my essay.

but can you please remember other points? only key-words and not sentences, "like what i did above."

other than the differences in -


-behavior with Gulliver,

-and the differences between both the emperor and the king?

and what similarities do they have?

i dont have any similarity in mind.

im sorry for bothering