Gulliver's Travels

Compare and contrast between Lilliput and Brobdingnag

I want to write a compare-contrast essay about these 2 voyages. (Lilliput and Brobdingnag)

The teacher asked to write an essay not less than 3 pages.

I want you guys to give me like points that i can write about or i can mention in my esaay, like only points so i search about them and do my essay. like :


-Both voyages and their behavior with Gulliver

-their problems

-their intrests

-their way in ruling...etc

what else shall i write about??

*and thank you in advance.*

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This is a lot for this small forum space. I can give you some ideas though. While the Lilliputians are superficial caring only for themselves, the people of Brobdingnag are more thoughtful and egalitarian. Lilliputians are amused by gossip. They are rather vapid and gossip incessantly. Te Emperor, in particular, only seeks to be entertained and exercise his power. Gulliver has many thoughtful discussions with the leader of Brobdingnag about philosophy and ethics. On a physical note, Lilliputions are tiny while people of Brobdingnag are giants. The emperor of Lilliput is petty beyond belief. He executes his subjects for minor infractions or simply because they have annoyed him in some way. Very small in stature, he covets large things. He is superficial in character and thought. In contrast, the king of Brobdingnag is a true intellectual who cares about his subjects and likes to ponder the complexities of life.


Great! you really inspored me and im finally ready to start writing my essay.

but can you please remember other points? only points like what i did above.

other than the differences in size, behavior with Gulliver, and the differences between both the emperor and the king?

and what similarities do they have?

i dont have any similarity in mind.

im sorry for bothering

I'm not sure what else to add. Each place represents a sort of character foil for the other. Brobdingnag is however not a utopia like say life with the Houyhnhnms. Characters like the King of Brobdingnag is not presented in any depth or detail. We seem to know more about the superficial Emperor of Lilliput. Still both places run on a type of monarchy and monarchy's, like in England, are inherently flawed.