What would Grendel like?

Hello, I currently have a project that asks me to make a facebook page about Grendel. Right now, i'm trying to think up of movies, books, t.v series, quotes, interests etc. Grendel would like. I came up with a few t.v series, movies, but i'm stuck on what type of books Grendel would love to read, also with quotes that Grendel would enjoy. Suggestions would be greatly appreciated, thanks.

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What a great project! Grendel would love certain movies; things that he can relate to. Maybe Willow, He Man, or Ladyhawke. As far as literature, I think I'd stick with children's fairy tales; he's just a great big kid.......... prone to temper tantrums and feeling out of place. Quotes from the Bible might be a nice addition, or maybe some advice from a "manners" expert. He has a lot to learn in that department. Foods.............. ummmmm, beef jerky :-D. And one last movie, but I can't remember that name. It starred John Lithgow, and I just got it....... Harry and the Hendersons. I'm going to use this in class......... fun stuff!