What is the significance of Grendel's encounter with Ork? What does Ork hae to say about the king of the Gods and about the nature of evil?

Grendel, chapter 9

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Grendel is baffled by man's fascination with the Gods. Grendel keeps wrecking their statues and temples but man keeps building them back. So one night Grendel sits in the middle of a ring of statues. There he meets Ork, a priest, where Grendel gains new insight into human nature and man's psyche. Ork explains how the Destroyer or chief God sets limitations for mankind. The Destroyer gives man his purpose in life; he gives man a reason to aspire. The God gives man a reason to live and a reason to die. This is also where Grendel learns, what Ork says, is the true nature of evil. Time fades everything and there are no alternatives to this.