Beowulf - Grendel - Epithets

In Grendel, many of the same epithets used for the characters in Beowulf are re-applied. The character
Unferth, is called “Unferth, son of Ecglaf” on page 82 and, “Unferth, murderer of brothers” on Page
104. Grendel taunts him with an epithet as they battle in Chapter 6, when the monster says, “Let me
tell them I was sent by Sideways-Walker.” (Pg. 83) In fact, Grendel gives himself the epithet, “Ruiner of
Meadhalls, Wrecker of Kings!” (Pg. 80)

Choose an epithet for yourself in the style of the kind used in Grendel. Have the epithet tell something about you, or about something from your past. Explain why you chose the epithet for yourself.

Can someone please help with some ideas as to how you would go about making a epithet about yourself based off of Grendel. I am a little confused as to what an epithet is?

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An epithet is a descriptive phrase used to communicate a characteristic intended as a comendation about an individual. If you're writing an epithet for yourself, you'll need to choose your best quality and condense it into a well worded expression.