Great Expectations

Why has Estella come to London?


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Miss Havisham had been cheated by Compeyson on her marriage day. In order to avenge her humiliation she has adopted Estella and has carefully groomed her to become a diabolical instrument of retribution to break the hearts of all young men. To fulfil this purpose Estella is sent to France where she is groomed into a very cultured and elegant lady and when she returns from France she is so much changed that Pip is not able to recognize her (Ch.29).

As a futher step to advance her plans of vengeance Miss Havisham has decided to let loose Estella amongst the rich and aristocratic young men of London. So in Ch.33 Estella arrives in London where Pip is instructed to meet her and accompany her to her place of residence in Richmond in the outskirts of London. Estella is to stay with Mrs.Brandley a former friend of Miss Havisham.

Pip is all excited to chaperone such an attractive lady like Estella,but Estella herself is cold and aloof and remarks matter of factly "we have no choice, you and I but to obey our instructions. We are not free to follow our own devices, you and I." (Ch.33) when she refuses Pip's offer to pay for the carriage which is to take her to Richmond.

Estella is fully aware of the evil designs of Miss Havisham and knows that she has no choice but to obey Miss Havisham and accepts her unhappy situation very stoically: "her calm face was like a statue's." Ch.33.


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