Great Expectations

Why does Wemmick give advice at Walworth that contradicts what he has said on Gerrard Street?


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Wemmick lives in two separate worlds and he tells Pip that he wants to keep these worlds separated from each other. In Jaggers' office, where he works, he is just like Jaggers. He is business-like and agrees with whatever Jaggers says. At home, however, he is a different man and often does not agree with Jaggers' way of doing things. When he gives Pip advice in one place that differs from what he has said elsewhere, he usually winks or makes some other sort of comment to remind Pip that this is the "office" Wemmick talking or this is the "home" Wemmick talking.

Critics believe that Wemmick's split personality can mean many things in this novel, one of which is the theme of appearance vs reality in the novel. Check it out here on eNotes.


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