Great Expectations

Why does Miss Havisham ask to see Joe?

Chapter 12 or 13, idk

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Because Joe is going to be roviding Pip's apprenticeship.

It would seem on the surface to sign apprenticeship papers but there are other social undertones as well. After remarking to Pip, "You are growing tall, Pip!" Miss Havisham then asks Pip about Joe to whom he is to be apprenticed. She then asks, "Would Gargery come here with you, and bring your indentures, do you think?"

When Joe arrives with the papers, oddly he speaks to Pip when addressed by Miss Havisham, as though he is not worthy to speak directly to her. Pip is ashamed of Joe. Then, Miss Havisham asks Joe, "You premium with the boy?" as she looks over the papers of indenture. Joe replies that he expects nothing. To this, Miss Havisham

glanced at him as if whe understood what he really was, better than I had though possible; and took up a little bag from the table beside her.

Miss Havish gives Joe twenty-five guineas [worth more than $5.00 at that time--a good amount] and tells Pip goodbye.