Great Expectations

Why do you suppose Miss Havisham objects to Estella's plans to marry? Explain how this ibjection signals a change in Miss Havisham's character.


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I believe that Miss Havisham objects to Estella’s plans to marry for a few reasons. For example, Miss Havisham had plans to marry a long time ago and on her wedding day her soon to be husband, Compeyson, walked out on her. I think that Miss Havisham didn’t want Estella to feel and experience the loneliness and grief she felt if something like that happened to Estella. I also believe that Miss Havisham was a bit jealous of Estella soon to be betrothed because Miss Havisham wanted to be married, but never got the chance to because of the cruel Compeyson. Miss Havisham was also disheartened because she thought that all men were cruel and vicious and she thought that they didn’t belong in our world and I think she was very heart broken when she found out that Estella was to be engaged.

This objection signals a couple of changes in Miss Havisham’s behavior. I think that Miss Havisham realizes that she doesn’t want Estella to marry because she loves her too much. Miss Havisham was a cold and bitter woman and she never really got the chance to cherish anyone before, and now that she has finally realized she adores her adopted daughter Estella, she doesn’t want Estella to also love someone else. Her behavior changes from that because Miss Havisham wants Estella to be joyful, but she doesn’t want her to leave and go away with her new husband Drummle because she loves her so much she doesn’t want to let her go. I think Miss Havisham also doesn’t want to be lonely. Miss Havisham lost a lot in her life and she doesn’t want to also lose Estella.