Great Expectations

Who is Compeyson? Identify two coincidences involving him. Why does Magwitch hate him?

Chapter 40-43

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Besides being a professional swindler, counterfeiter, and general law-breaker, Compeyson is the man who jilted Miss Havisham at the altar all of those many years ago. He was in cahoots with Arthur Havisham all along, and eventually he linked up with Magwitch. When Magwitch and Compeyson were caught forging signatures, Compeyson got off easily with only half the jail sentence that Magwitch received. The court appreciated Compeyson’s gentlemanly ways, and, thus, went easier on him. Compeyson and Magwitch hate each other and are forever fighting. Eventually Compeyson drowns after fighting Magwitch in the Thames. Whether Magwitch kills him remains a mystery.