Great Expectations

who attends dinner at the gargery house ?whats funny about the dinner scene?about the scene when joe and pip go to church

chapter 4 make it into three parts

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1. Pumblechook and the church clerk Wopsle attend the Christmas dinner at the Gargery household.

2. The humor surrounds Pip and his overreaction to everything that happens which he assumes will be connected to his helping the convict. He is upset when Pumblechook wants brandy and find the bottle filled with tar water; he assumes that the polic come to arrest him when, in fact, they have come to get Joe to fix their handcuffs.

3. Joe and Pip go to church even though Mrs. Gargery does not go to church. Mrs. Gargery acts as if she is very "moral and proper," but she cannot take time to go to church.