Great Expectations

which two characters in the book have the most dialogue but they have similarities and differences?

throughout the book

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I know that Pip has the most dialogue, and after thinking about this....... I guess that only Estella comes close yo having as much. Believe me...... I'm not sure, so if anyone else has an idea...... chime in.

Pip and Estella are similar because they're both without parents. and both of their caregivers refuse them emotional bonding (we're taling Pip's sister and Miss Havisham, Joe isn't included in that).

Differences....... Pip has an open heart and a dersire to please; Estella has been robbed of the ability to feel. Pip has aspirations..... Estella simply does as she's told. Many of the differences between the two are bridged before the novel's end. Pip becomes educated, tutored in manners and etiquette.... ect. ect. Estella on the other hand; she doesn't change.


Great Expectations