Great Expectations

When Pip arrives at Miss Havisham, Estella is there. What is different about the way Pip and Estella interact with each other? What is the same about their interactions?

Chapter 22

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He goes in to meet her and Estella, who is now older and so much more beautiful that he doesn't recognize her at first. Facing her now, he slips back "into the coarse and common voice" of his youth and she, in return, treated him like the boy he used to be. She is coming from France and on her way to live in London. They talk of his new friends and his old friends: "Who is fit for you then is not fit for you now," Estella said, asking about Joe. Pip agrees and, at that moment, decides not to go see Joe and Biddy. It is here that Pip sees something strikingly familiar in Estella's face. He can't quite place the look, but an expression on her face reminds him of someone. Later, they all have dinner with Jaggers, who, curiously, does not look at Estella the whole meal.