Great Expectations

When does Pip's great expectations fade away ?

What are Pips's great expectations and when did they fade away?

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Pip's expectations included moving in the higher society which had been closed to him due to his lowly birth (and would have remained closed had he not had a wealthy benefactor). Pip also dreamed of winning Estella, since he would be her equal and not so far below her socially.he discovery that the wretched Magwitch, not the wealthy Miss Havisham, is his secret benefactor shatters Pip’s oversimplified sense of his world’s hierarchy. The fact that he comes to admire Magwitch while losing Estella to the brutish nobleman Drummle ultimately forces him to realize that one’s social position is not the most important quality one possesses, and that his behavior as a gentleman has caused him to hurt the people who care about him most. Once he has learned these lessons, Pip matures into the man who narrates the novel.