Great Expectations

what recognition does pip have of estella's impact on his life?Why doesn't he give her up

In search of identity-Chapter 29-35

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I think you are trying to ask about what Pip sees in Estella and why he continues to pursue her throughout the whole book.

From the moment Pip sees Estella he falls in love with her because of her beauty. He is not bothered by her rudeness, but thinks that she will love him back because she is rude. Remember that Pip grew up in a household where his sister, Mrs. Joe, was constantly rude to Joe. Since Pip has only been exposed to one relationship where the women is the boss and is rude towards her husband, Pip believes that this is how all relationships are. Pip sees Estella as the perfect women to have as a wife because she is like his sister.

Pip then attempts to pursue Estella by becoming a gentleman. This want of being a gentleman comes from his want of Estella. When he offered the chance to be a gentleman, he takes it not caring about the negative effects it may have on his life. He thinks that Miss Havisham is his benefactor and the one helping him become a gentleman for Estella. Basically, the book is about his attempt of becoming a gentleman for Estella.