Great Expectations

What reasons does Pip have for refusing to accept any more money after he learns his benefactor's true identity? Explain whether, in your opinion, these reasons are noble.

chapters 36-48

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After Pip learned his benefactor’s true identity he had many reasons not to take any more money. After becoming friendly with his benefactor, he found out that his benefactor was originally put in jail for making and distributing fake bank notes. This would make anyone not want to spend the money, due to the fact that it might be fake and that you may get arrested. I would say that Pip not taking the money for this reason is justified.

Another reason is that since he heard the hardships Magwitch went through, he did not want to cause him any trouble by causing him to go bankrupt. Doing that would have made Pip feel bad about himself that he made Magwitch live a life of just trying to get by. I know that since Pip is a caring individual, he would never take the money and should be recognized for his thought for others.This truly shows Pip's as a dynamic character. He is becoming a noble individual.