Great Expectations

What kind of lawyer is Jaggers?

Chapter 20, shortest answer possible please

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If you want to get a lot about Jaggers in just one place, you should look at Chapter XX of the book. You can find out a great deal about Jaggers in that chapter.

I guess the most obvious thing to say about Jaggers is that he is a criminal lawyer -- not a lawyer who is concerned with contracts and wills and such. A second thing to say is that he is seen by many of the criminals of London as the best lawyer that they can possibly hope to have. A quote from Chapter XX:

There was a knot of three men and two women standing at a corner, and one of the women was crying on her dirty shawl, and the other comforted her by saying, as she pulled her own shawl over her shoulders, "Jaggers is for him, 'Melia, and what more could you have?"

The last thing I would say is that Jaggers does not seem to be a kind-hearted man. He does not seem to really sympathize with his clients. You can see this in Chapter XX in the way that he treats the "two secret men."

"Very well; then you may go. Now, I won't have it!" said Mr Jaggers, waving his hand at them to put them behind him. "If you say a word to me, I'll throw up the case."

You can see here how he treats them arrogantly...

So, you can say he is a very successful criminal lawyer who kind of looks down on his clients.