Great Expectations

What is Wemmick's view of Jaggers?

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Wemmick has been working for Jaggers for quite awhile now. In addition to his two personalities, work and home, chapters 47 and 48 reveal more personality traits for Wemmick. Although we have seen this before, Wemmick is very intimidated, and almost is petrified by Jaggers. Wemmick says to Pip, “… but i feel that I have to screw myself up when I dine with him-and I dine more comfortably unscrewed” (350). Wemmick is talking about how he feels uncomfortable when he dines with Jaggers, and how Jaggers intimidates him to become “screwed up”, or uncomfortable. Wemmick confiding in Pip also shows us how great of a relationship Pip and Wemmick really have. Wemmick trusts Pip and Pip the same as Wemmick. Wemmick goes as far as to say Pip is the only person he trusts with somethings. Wemmick says,”Wouldn’t say it to anybody but yourself,” (350). Pip said something to the same effect later on. Chapters 47 and 48 portray who Wemmick really is. The chapters also show us how good of a relationship Pip and Wemmick really have .