Great Expectations

What is Wemmick’s “green-house”? Why is this an odd metaphor? Why might Wemmick treat the prison this way?


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Remember that Wemmick is the clerk for Mr. Jaggers, the lawyer. This can tell you why he would treat the prison as a greenhouse.

So the answer to the first question is that Newgate Prison is Wemmick's greenhouse.

This is an odd metaphor because a greenhouse is a place where things grow. You would not expect to use this metaphor for a prison. Maybe for a school, where kids learn and grow, but not a prison.

But Wemmick works for a lawyer. And he likes to get "portable property" from the criminals. So if you work for a guy who defends criminals, it makes sense to go to the prison and "cultivate" the prisoners so they will hire you again sometime when they need a lawyer.


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