Great Expectations

What is the occasion in which the visitors are spending time with miss havisham?

chapters 11-19

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Miss. Havisham is recognizing the day she was supposed to get married. Pip is introduced to a number of strange characters in this chapter but, more importantly, he is given some more hints about Miss Havisham's strange lifestyle. It is clear that the decay of her and the house stem from her wedding day that none of her relatives dare to mention. Miss Havisham's relationship with her relatives -- Georgiana, Sarah Pocket, Cousin Raymond, and Camilla -- is even more loveless than her relationship with Pip. For her relatives, their visit to Miss Havisham is based on greed, hoping to please her enough to be given some of her money at her death. Miss Havisham is well aware of this, and a number of times refers to her dead body laid out as a meal for her relatives on the same table where her decaying cake now sits.