Great Expectations

What does Pip share with Herbert besides a place to live?

shortest answer possible please

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Above all the things that they share, Pip and Herbert Pocket have a deep friendship with all that such a relationship implies. Before Herbert, Pip humbles himself and asks the former "pale young gentleman" to instruct him in how to conduct himself properly regarding table manners, and so forth. Herbert confides in Pip and relates the history of Miss Havisham and Estella. He and Pip confide in matters of the heart as Pip expresses his love for Estella and Herbert introduces Pip to his fiance, Clara. When Magwitch appears on Pip's stairs, Pip confides in Herbert the identity of Magwitch and all the circumstances that his and the old convict's relationship involves, such as the fact that Magwitch is his benefactor rather than Miss Havisham.

Herbert assists Pip in the attempt to get Magwitch out of London, offering both physical and moral support. When they find themselves in financial straits, Pip feels responsible; so, he goes to Miss Havisham and implores her for help. She gives Pip enough money to solicit Mr. Clarikker who promises to give Herbert a position at the new branch bank in the East section of London. When Orlick tries to kill Pip at the old sluice house, Herbert along with Startop come to his rescue after finding the letter that Pip has dropped. Finally, Herbert and Clara offer Pip their home if he will come to live with them, and Pip provides a job for his friend when Pip's fortune is gone. And, when they have a child, Herbert and his wife name him Pip. Good friends since their introduction in London, Pip and Herbert share laughter, love, loyalty, adventure, and misfortune together.