Great Expectations

What does miss havisham say and do that makes pip more certain that she is the source of his new wealth ?

Chapter 19 , i need a detailed answer but at the same time easy and clear , and asap please , thanks ...

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In Chapter 19, Pip visits Miss Havisham. She hints subtly that she is his unknown sponsor, and does it in such a way that Sarah Pocket, standing near, is given to believe it.

Check out this exchange between Pip and Miss. H,

"Ay, ay!" said she, looking at the discomfited and envious Sarah, with delight. "I have seen Mr. Jaggers. I have heard about it, Pip. So you go to-morrow?"

"Yes, Miss Havisham."

"And you are adopted by a rich person?"

"Yes, Miss Havisham."

"Not named?"

"No, Miss Havisham."

"And Mr. Jaggers is made your guardian?"

"Yes, Miss Havisham."

She quite gloated on these questions and answers, so keen was her enjoyment of Sarah Pocket's jealous dismay. "Well!" she went on; "you have a promising career before you. Be good - deserve it - and abide by Mr. Jaggers's instructions." She looked at me, and looked at Sarah, and Sarah's countenance wrung out of her watchful face a cruel smile. "Good-bye, Pip! - you will always keep the name of Pip, you know."