Great Expectations

What coincidence happens on Pip’s way back to Kent?

chapter 29

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I'm not sure about "coincidence" other than Pip bumps into Orlick.

Okay, I've looked at this chapter a number of times and the only coincidence I can come up with is that upon his arrival at Satis House, Pip is greeted by Orlick.......... that's a surprise, being that his worry that the man had accosted Mrs. Joe had been responsible for Orlick's loss of work at the forge. This would be a coincidence to find him at Miss Havisham's.

"Being at last touched on the shoulder, I started and turned. I

started much more naturally then, to find myself confronted by a

man in a sober grey dress. The last man I should have expected to

see in that place of porter at Miss Havisham's door.


On the other hand, we still have the reunion with Estella, But I don't believe that to be a coincidence.


Great Expectations