Great Expectations

What are the themes of ch 19 and ch 20?

i have to do a project on the themes of ch 19 and 20 and i don't know how to figure out what the themes are. Please Help!!

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Pip realizes that although he aspires to be a "gentleman" he "...never had one hour of happiness in her (Estella's) society..."

ch. 20

Although Pip learns that his expectations were all a sham and he realizes that he has mistreated Biddy and Joe, he is still basing his thoughts on the class system, society's ideas of "gentleman " and "common."



I think the most important theme in the chapters just after Pip receives his money and arrives in London is that of punishment and justice. Regardless of where he turns, Pip is assualted by images of these things all around him. You might want to make Newgate Prison the backdrop of your project and surround it by the gallows, debt collectors, stench, and poverty.