Great Expectations

the great expectations of the characters in the book..?

pip has great expectations, but what are some of the great expectations of the other characters in the book?? (even if their expectations didn't go the way they planned) example: miss havisham was expecting to get married, but it never happened. pip expects to become a gentleman and marry estella..

what does mrs. joe expect?

what does estella expect?

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Not every character's "great expectations" are as relevant to the title as Pip's, though certainly Dickens crafts characters with strong objectives. Mrs. Joe's, however, is very much in line with what Dickens discusses. At the beginning, she is jaded and mean because she considers her life ruined and the most she can expect is to be taken care of. However, the greed she shows once Pip is invited to Mrs. Havisham's shows she begins to expect a new life will come to her, one she believes she deserves because of how she has suffers. Estella expects to be recognized as superior to most around her. This is something she believes she has achieved because of Mrs. Havisham's fantasy world. She grapples with the disconnect between these expectations and the world as the novel progresses, so that by the end, her expectations are not so lofty, but she instead seems to wish she can live a life that will make up for her youthful cruelties, and be forgiven them by life.