Great Expectations

Mr. Pumblechook is often seen as a comical character. What are some of his dark traits?

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Uncle Pumblechook is only slightly above Joe and Biddy in social status, but he acts like he is far, far above them. He is comical because he tries to act like a high class person but cannot pull it off because he is uneducated and talks like a buffoon, using way more words than necessary to express even the simplest of thoughts. His biggest dark trait is that he is a hypocrite. Throughout the novel, whenever he is present, he is a kind of candle in the wind - blowing whichever way the wind blows. In the bar, when Jaggers makes a fool of him, he first says one thing, then another, depending on whose opinion is being expressed, and Jaggers calls him out on it, proving what a blowhard he is. When Pip comes into his money, Pumblechook sucks up to Pip as if he is the richest man alive. At the end of the novel, when Pip returns after having lost his money, Pumblechook treats him poorly again, just like he used to when Pip was a boy. Pumblechook is a slimey character, a phony.