Great Expectations

Links between GE and Life of Pi?

I have to study the theme of Identifying self within this novel, and Yan Martel's Life of Pi, if anyone has read both and can give me some insight into some links that could be formed between the two novels that would be great :)

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The Life of Pi tells the story of a young boy who finds himself as part of a "journey" which he takes with someone (a Bengal tiger) who challenges him to "grow up" as a part of his survival. He tells the story in a sort of retrospective tone, so he looks back on his childhood and adolescence. In GE, Pip also looks back and tells about the ways in which he grows up and some of the "delusions" he has in that growth. Ultimately, as an adult he has to face that his adolescent expectations about Estella and Miss Havisham are completely blown away as he learns about Magwitch, Jaggers, Molly, and Compeyson. He certainly learns that what we learn as children and young adults are not always the whole truth.