Great Expectations

is pip a snob ?

discuss , from the book great expectation!!

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This is up for debate. I think Pip might have been a snob but like all human beings, he makes mistakes. By the end of the novel I think Pip becomes more self-aware and human. To answer your question, check out this excerpt. You can follow the rest at the source-link below,

The true

definition of a snob is;

"A person who places too high a value on social status, admiring those

higher up the ladder and despising those lower down."

I can safely say that Pip is a snob throughout most of Great

Expectations. As the main character of Great Expectations, Pip, starts

out as an innocent loveable young boy who we, as the reader, adore.

All this changes however when Pip meets a rich, eccentric old lady,

Miss Havisham. Miss Havisham turns Pip into a snob and he starts to

despise the life he loved a short time ago. Pip turns himself into a

gentleman when he gets an anonymous benefactor and turns into an even

bigger snob. Pip has many adventures in his new lifestyle and he

eventually meets his benefactor who he loathes. At the very end of the

story Pip begins to appreciate his benefactor and becomes nice again.