Great Expectations

In Chapter 48, what does Pip realize as he watches Molly? According to Wemmick, from what criminal charges did Jaggers save her?

great expectations

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The biggest revelation of the meal, however, comes when Pip takes a good hard look at Molly, Jaggers' housekeeper. A glint of recognition, something in her hands, suddenly makes him absolutely certain that the woman is Estella's mother.She was put on trial for the murder of another woman, a woman she most likely did kill, and Jaggers' masterful lawyerly twisting of the facts and the jury's sensibilities succeeded in getting her acquitted.


As Pip is watching Molly, he realizes Molly look mysteriously a lot like Estella. He also realizes Molly must be Estella’s mother. According to Wemmick, Molly was accused of killing a woman over her husband and of killing her little daughter to hurt him. Pip thinks for certain that Estella is in fact that “lost daughter”.