Great Expectations

If you could describe 3 literary elements that occur periodically throught G.E what would they be?

Such as Situation Irony, Metaphor, etc.

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Situational irony- Pip really doesn't want to be a "gentleman" after all the fuss and effort. Also Mrs. H not being his benefactor.

Dramatic Irony- We always knew the people most important to Pip were what made life worth living, at least I did.

Metaphor- The prison Pip visits is a metaphor of the prison Pip is building for himself.

I'd have to go with imagery, and the powerful darkness that permates the novel.

I've always found Miss Havisham's treatment of Pip ironic, as the story ends with the revelation that she's actually come to like this young man who's life she's ruined.


At about the same time, the eyes on the wall acquired a new expression, and inevery one of those staring rounds I saw written, DON’T GO HOME.