Great Expectations

I need 3 ORIGINAL Sequal titles based of of the book

EX; how twilight has different books

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You want to make up sequel titles to Great Expectations?

Yes please @Aslan

"Greater Expectations"

"Pip's Revenge"

"Lowered Expectations"

Could you also explain why you chose these titles? @Aslan

Well they all have to do with expectations, like the original title, but a little different lending to another story. I just thought Pip could be really pissed off for the second title!

I need you to explain Each title of why you chose it, not just in general. Please. @Aslan

Hey, take another look at the titles and try to use your imagination.

Why did you choose "Pips Revenge" @Aslan

Because that's why he wanted to pick you idiot.

You didn't answer the question @quincy a


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