Great Expectations

How would you describe the pockets' household? How is Mrs.Pocket characterized?

Chapter 22, shortest answer possible please

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The Pocket household is total chaos. They have tons of children and the older ones are forced to take care of the younger ones because Mrs. Pocket is incompetent. She fancies herself an aristocrat so she spends all day doing frivolous things, like reading books about the nobility and their titles. She has not been trained to be a wife and mother, so she is no good at this either.

She does not notice when her baby gets hold of dangerous items and the children are running amok while she sits there. She does not realize what is going on and when the cook gets drunk, instead of getting angry at the cook, she gets angry at the maid who brings her the message that the cook is drunk. She is in denial about her real station in life and in this sense, is a foil to Pip's character, who is also in somewhat of a denial at this point in the story.