Great Expectations

how these elements impact on pip life ?

industry;materialism;money;maechanazition 'and in the main time of human biengs ;as we can see pip become as amachine or robots who have a lack of emation ?

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Industry: Pip lives a life far from the city, under a traditional blacksmith. The modern world is far away and when he encounters it, it makes him disdain the simplicity of his own home. Materialism: Pip's good virtues are corrupted by the temptation of money and wealth, as epitomized by Estella and Miss Havisham. It also leads him to be ashamed of home. Mechinization: The simplicity of a blacksmith life is far from a mechanized world, and so when he encounters these things later, he is ashamed of his past. Pip thinks that the "civilized" world is far from the emotional life he shared with Joe, and his internal conflict is between these two possibilities.