Great Expectations

How the scene works?

I'm supposed to analzyze a

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Pip's confession to Biddy can be likened to opening his soul. She is everything he SHOULD desire; a confidant, a helpmate, a companion, and most of all a good woman. She's modest and humble, she accepts him for who his is rather than who he wants to be. Biddy is a dream come true, and all the rest is simply a dream.

To analyze it all, I'd concentrate on the emotions of the two involved instead of the confession itself; more of a 'we could have a future' but............. there is a distinct bond between these two characters, and that is what I'd analyze. You needn't use any existing language to recreate the scene in a different mood, unless of course your instructor is looking for fact instead of imagination, but it doesn't sound like he/she has assigned that task. Look inside these characters and pull out the things inside of them. Pip is so multi-dimensional.......... and Biddy is simply who she is. You have the realist and the dreamer., combine them to recreate what you've read. The ultimate goal here is for your instructor to know you understand the passage; analyze it in the way you've read it, and use your own interpretation.