Great Expectations

How is Orlick characterized? What motivates him to want to kill Pip?

Ch 53

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Orlick for a time is employed as Joe’s tempestuous journeyman – who is threatened by Pip and who worries that Pip will one day replace him at the forge. Pip is convinced that Orlick is the culprit in Mrs. Joe’s assault. He then works as a gatekeeper at Miss Havisham’s, but Pip convinces Jaggers to fire him because he doesn’t trust him. Orlick, furious, eventually links up with Compeyson and finds out that Provis/Magwitch is in town. He uses this information in order to lure Pip to a sluice-house by the limekiln where he plans to kill him. Later on, he is imprisoned for breaking into Mr. Pumblechook’s house, robbing, him and assaulting him. Orlick has a thing for Biddy, and this totally disturbs both Biddy and Pip.