Great Expectations

How Is Great Expectations Still Relevant To Life Today?

this is a project thing i have to do, why is the book Great Expectations by Charles Dickens still relevant to life in todays society? i'm stuck, someone help me out?

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Nearly all of us have great expectations for our futures as we venture through our schooling and try to achieve something more "amazing" that our parents achieved. The idea that we can come across stumbling blocks (such as our upbringing or someone who could harm us the way Magwitch could have harmed Pip) is a very relevant idea when we consider all the different kinds of people in the world. People often do, as Pip does, meet someone whom they love but who cannot really return the love as Estella cannot. People go through life, during any era, with great bitterness about how life has treated them. All in all, this story is very relevant to life today.

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