Great Expectations

How has Miss Havisham provided for the other Pockets, in her will?

Somewhere in between chapters 51 through the end.

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From the text:

Well, old chap,' said Joe, `it do appear that she had settled the most of it, which I meantersay tied it up, on Miss Estella. But she had wrote out a little coddleshell in her own hand a day or two afore the accident, leaving a cool four thousand to Mr Matthew Pocket. And why, do you suppose, above all things, Pip, she left that cool four thousand unto him? --`Because of Pip's account of him the said Matthew.'' I am told by Biddy, that air the writing ' said Joe, repeating the legal turn as if it did him infinite good, ```account of him the said Matthew.'' And a cool four thousand, Pip!'


Great Expectations