Great Expectations

How does Trabb treat Pip? Why?

Chapter 19, shortest answer possible please

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Trabb’s boy is the local bully and rebel. He’s Mr. Trabb the tailor’s son, and he likes to make fun of Pip and of how too-cool-for-school Pip has become. He’s kind of like the town joker or town barometer, acting out and vocalizing what everyone else is thinking. While Pip dismisses his encounters with Trabb’s boy, he can’t help but be a little shaken by the idea that he’s known in his hometown as haughty. One of the first times Pip realizes the power of money is when he asks Mr. Trabb to make him new clothes for his move to London. When Mr. Trabb sees how much money Pip has, he bends over backwards for Pip. Trabb’s boy, who had been sweeping dust over Pip’s foot to be obnoxious, gets yelled at by his dad, and, for the first and only time, is respectful of Pip, holding the door open for him.