Great Expectations

How does the suspense of the previous chapter get resolved?

How does the suspense of chapter four get resolved in chapter five, when Pip stole the pie and got stopped by the soldier.

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The soldiers inform the Gargerys they are hunting an escaped convict and need a blacksmith to fix a pair of handcuffs. Joe obliges and helps find the convict. He is sad when he finds out the convict stole a pie from him.


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Here is a better source from GradeSaver,

After Joe fixes the handcuffs, he, Pip, and Mr. Wopsle are allowed to follow the soldiers into the marshes. They soon find the two convicts wrestling each other in the mud. The one with the hat accuses the other, Pip's convict, of trying to kill him, but the other replies that he would have done it if he really wanted to. Instead, he had been the one who had called for the soldiers and was willing to sacrifice himself just so the one with the hat would get caught again.

The bring the two back to a boathouse where Pip's convict, eyeing Pip, admits to stealing Mrs. Joe's pork pie by himself, thus getting Pip off the hook.

Joe and Pip watch as the two convicts are brought back to the prison ship.