Great Expectations

How are Pip and Mrs. Pocker alike?

shortest answer possible please

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Both of these characters share the unfortunate trait of having expectations above their station in life. Mrs. Pocket was bred to be a gentlelady, a woman who married a rich man and thus was only required to do menial tasks like order servants around so that the household "runs smoothly." She has no skills, no contributions, and lives her entire life thinking that she is entitlted to much more than she, in reality, actually has. As a result, sometimes her family members are treated poorly and with condescension. If she were to let go of those high expectations of wealth and look around her, she would realize that she has an intelligent, kind and loving husband, beautiful and fun children, and a pretty good life. But, she can't really see that too well because of her fixation on what isn't.

Pip too has expectations well above his station. After meeting with Estella and Miss Havisham, he grows discontended with his life. He wants to be a gentleman, and considers Joe and the work of a blacksmith as degrading, rough and embarrassing. In reality, his life is a pretty good one; he could learn the trade and make a good living his entire life, and be surrounded by people who love him dearly for who he is. However, because he wants money, and wants to satisfy the expectations of Estella, he ignores the blessings that he does have and fixates on things he wishes he has. Once he has money, he uses it foolishly and neglects Joe and Biddy, the two people in his life that are, in reality, most valuable. He is condescending towards his family, and does not find happiness or satisfaction in them.

That is just one way that Pip and Mrs. Pocket are alike. I hope that helps a bit; good luck!