Great Expectations


how the physical,verbal and physical abuse affects the psychology of children ,pip and estella ?which is more harmful to development of pip and Estella ,the physical or the psychological abuse?does pip grow up to be a moral person or does Estella grow up to become a compassionate and sensitive young lady ?how they react to those around them ?pip towards Joe ?Estella towards Miss Havisham ?at least can we consider the social have the responsibility of social authority in creating abusive parent ?why miss Havisham ,mrs Gargery or even Magwitch behave the way they do ,ist because they are like this by nature or by the effect of the economic and social condition of the time ?are they victims of social injustice?what are the causes of this injustic ?is it the revolution that valued the machine more than the individual ?is it the patriarchal society that suppresses women's desires and rights ?ist unjust legal system?oh i know these to much to aske but i need the answer guy help as u can thanks in advance

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There is no questions that nearly every character is a victim in one way or another. Certainly Estella falls victim to Miss Havisham's desire to get even with Compeyson as she disregards any "fallout." Pip who suffers from the physical and verbal abuse of Mrs. Joe has some balance in the support of Joe, yet he gets a skewed view of society through the way he is raised. One's nature is almost always developed through what one is exposed to; Miss Havisham is a strong character and in a relatively strong position as a woman because she has money. Estella, though she has money, often has difficulty with those around her because they are not interested in her for the right reasons. I am not sure that the machine vs. the individual is emphasized in this novel, since we see all characters as they function against each other and show how they fit into the society in which they live.