Great Expectations


what is the sings and symbols in the novel Great expectation ?and thequotation init ?

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Very early in the novel Pip is literally turned upside down by the convict in the graveyard. "The man, after looking at me for a moment, turned me upside down, and emptied my pockets". One of the symbols of the novel is here: the man turns Pip's life upside down during this meeting in the graveyard. He sets Pip off on a course of action that changes his life completely. The emptying of his pockets also foreshadows the fact that this convict later fills Pip's pockets as his benefactor. What the convict does creates the great expectations that develops.

Darkness is a main symbol in Great Expectations, including shadows and the always gloomy, rainy weather. For example, the house is always dark inside. The only source of light is Estella carrying a candle. Pip must follow her to get any light. This works as a symbol for their relationship. In fact, the name "Estella" actually means "star".