Great Expectations

Great expectations ....?

Please answer as much as you can.(Also, provide dialogues)

1) Were any aspects of the book funny ?

2)Does the book have multiple narrators ? If so, explain how they are different ?

3) Does the writer use descriptive language? If so, what were the effects ?

4)What aspects of the plot did you enjoy?

5)Was the ending effective ?

6)Write about the genre of the book? How does it compare with other books with the same genre which you have read ?

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That's an awful lot of questions for this type of forum. I'll answer the second for you, as it doesn't require personal opinion.

The story is narrated in the first person, by the main protagonist (Pip). There is only one narrator, and it is written as a memoir. A 50-something year old Pip tells the story.


Great Expectations

I am on my way out, but I have time to tackle your third question also. Dickens is the master of descriptive language and uses it throughout the book. He draws us in with amazing adjectives, pithy, witty humor, and mild to extensive emotion. Walk into a Dicken's novel, and you walk straight into the setting he has supplied and are sitting down at the table for dinner.


Great Expectations