Great Expectations

For each character, define them as one dimensional character or three dimensional

Mr. Jaggers

Mr. Pocket

Mrs. Pocket

Herbert Pocket



Mrs. Colier


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I think you might be referring to Flat (one dimensional) or round (multi-dimensional) characters.

This really depends how well Dickens develops these people.

I would call most of them developed enough to be considered round except for,

Mr. Pocket/rs.Pocket


Mrs. Colier



Reaction Paper The story Great Expectations is a book about a kid named Pip who was an orphan. He was living with his sister and her husband who was a blacksmith. Reading the story gives me the feeling of being interested of knowing more about the story. It’s sad to know that the parents of Pip had already passed away. I feel bad for him, because he really misses his parents. That night Pip went to the tombstones to visit his parents. There he meet the convict named Abel. I was a little bit scared because the convict was threating Pip to bring him, some food and a file for his leg irons. After that Pip went back home and obeys the command of the fearsome convict. The convict had escaped but soon captured anyway. Pip was brought by his uncle Pumblechook to the Satis house, the home of the wealthy Miss Havisham. How lucky he was. Miss Havisham is a woman that wears an old wedding gown where ever she goes and she wants to keep the clock stopped at the same time, and for me she acts differently or in short she’s kind of weird. During the visit of Pip, he meet the beautiful girl named Estella, and yeah, she really is beautiful. Pip falls in love with Estella, even though Estella treats her coldly. He dreams of becoming a wealthy gentleman to cope up the standard for Estella and he also wanted to marry her. Pip hopes that Miss Havisham will make him the man to marry Estella but his desires weren’t granted because Miss Havisham decided that Pip would become a common laborer in his family business. With that said decision of Miss Havisham, Pip become an apprentice to his brother-in-law Joe, who was the village blacksmith .And it seems for me, that Pip does not enjoy doing his job. Pip was also struggling to be better with his education. And one night, Orlick the malicious laborer was suspected to be the one who’s responsible for the attacked of Mrs.Joe .Few days later, a strange news were heard coming from a strange lawyer named Jagger. The news is that a secret benefactor had given Pip a chance of going to London to pursue his education. Pip was happy upon hearing the news and was suspecting that maybe Miss Havisham was the secret benefactor. In London, Pip met new people and they were Herbert Pocket and Wemmick .He continue his education by studying with tutor Matthew Pocket, who was Herbert’s father. What a coincidence, isn’t it. Herbert was the one who help Pip to learn how to act like a gentleman. At the age of twenty-one Pip starts making money from his fortune. And this is when he secretly help Herbert to buy his way into business. Herbert and Pip weren’t making the best decisions and living an undisciplined lifestyle in London resulting themselves from running up debts. What an unfair life. This was the moment wherein Orlick reappears in Pip’s life, and was employed as Miss Havisham’s porter, but later on fired by Jaggers after Pip spilled the beans about the past of Orlick. Mrs.Joe died and Pip goes home upon hearing the sad news. This is one of the saddest part of the story. Until one night a familiar face appeared on Pip’s room and that was the convict named Magwitch, the one he encounter way back when he was a child. It so surprising that he showed up just to tell Pip something important. He was there to tell him that Miss Havisham is the source of Pip’s fortune. After hearing this information, Pip had the guts of helping Magwitch to escape from London. As the week pass, Pip sees the good side from Magwitch. And this line gives me such great vibes. Like who wouldn’t .Pip’s make a visit to the Satis house, and this is when Miss Havisham asks for forgiveness of what she has treated him before and Pip forgives her. In this line I realize that we can still reflect to our past mistakes, and all of us deserves a second chance. Later that day, Miss Havisham had an accident, she survives but becomes invalid. In this line I feel like it’s very upsetting to know that she has to encounter this kind of