Great Expectations

Examples where Pip "wrestles meaning from unexpected circumstances" and encounters life's "Big questions"

Writing an essay comparing Fault in our Stars to Great Expectations (I know its ridiculous) having trouble finding these in the text considering the entire story is boring and hard to follow.

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Pip encounters these problems from beginning to end; he's born poor, but through Miss, Havisham comes to appreciate and experience life's finer things; he's given a chance to better himself and turns his back on those who love him because they're proof of his humble beginnings; he finds that his benefactor isn't the woman he believed, but rather a convict..... suddenly his circumstances aren't as attractive. You could go on and on about Pip's unexpected circumstances, none-the-less, he doesn't do so well with the big questions either. You might want to use his relationship with Joe as an example..... no one will ever love him more, and yet, Pip barely acknowledges him in London and leaves without seeing him when he is in town. What dictates family..... what dictates loyalty? These are the big questions.