Great Expectations

Describe what you expect Miss Havishams house will be like?

after chapter 8, Opinoin, I need to write a journal for this so i need a lot of info but not too much

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Sorry, but after reading chapter eight, we know what the house looks like! The house is actually described for us......... it's dark, cold, and unkempt. There's no warmth in the house itself, but more importantly in its inhabitants.

Upon arrival, we read "It was of old brick, and dismal, and had a great many iron bars to it. Some of the windows had been walled up; of those that remained, all the lower were rustily barred."

Upon entering Pip recounts, "We went into the house by a side door-the great front entrance had two chains across it outside-and the first thing I noticed was, that the passages were all dark, and that she had left a candle burning there. She took it up, and we went through more passages and up a staircase, and still it was all dark, and only the candle lighted us."

Other than that we read of darkness, candlelight, old clothing, mustiness, and things that were odd to Pp. Yellowed, never worn shoes, ragged silk stockings, and other items old with decay.

This should help........ good luck!


Great Expectations