Great Expectations

Describe life at Hammersmith

what was life like at Hammersmith?

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The Pocket household turns out to be a comical jumble of children, nurses, and boarders, all held together loosely under Matthew Pocket's weary gaze. Mrs. Pocket had been raised with high expectations herself and brought up to be "highly ornamental, but perfectly helpless and useless." She seems to have little idea of child rearing, leaving the young ones in the hands of two nurses. Life at Hammersmith is chaotic to say the least.

Pip finds Matthew Pocket to be, like his son, serious, honest, and good. Because Matthew Pocket was earnest in teaching Pip, Pip feels earnest in learning and progresses well. At the same time, he is drawn by the city life within London and asks Jaggers if he can live permanently at the Bernard Inn with Herbert, instead of boarding in Hammersmith.